Our Resume Services

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Are you looking for work?
Need a ‘stand out’ resume and cover letter?
Not sure how and where to direct your job search?
We provide comprehensive support to job seekers in all aspects of the search process to ensure that they are job ready, as well as work closely with businesses to find and place the right people.
Services we offer include:
1. Resume, Cover Letter and Key Selection Criteria preparation
2. Setting up a profile on up to 5 job boards (exc Linked In)
3. Setting up a Linked In profile
4. Applying for relevant jobs on your behalf
5. Tailored Job Search & Interview Coaching, as well as a Styling service
6. Referral and enrolment to our Preferred Training Providers
7. Preparation of other non-legal documentationresume services

We also profile you as a job seeker on our website, as another opportunity to connect you with
We are on Facebook, if you would like to follow us here is the link as we also advertise job vacancies, special offers from our business partners and competitions from time to time that you may be interested in: www.facebook.com⁄a.i.mprofessionalbusinesssupportservices